La Città Sul Retro
La Cittá Sul Retro (The City Tucked Away) follows the night-time inhabitants of Bologna and witnesses the unseen beauty of their lives in the dark. Beneath the sleeping city, a low frequency stirs as the energy of night begins to surface…

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Massimo Scola - The Beekeeper
Silvio Cesta Ruiz - Owner of ‘Sabor Latino’ Kiosk
Poldo Wimpy - The Street Artist
Carlo Filippo Rusconi - The Horse Rider
Andrea and Gianmarco Bellia - The Altar Boys
Sirol slr - The Road Signs Painters
The Vespa Scooter Riders
a Film by Marameo
produced by Toby Paul Jones
edited by Simon Christiansen
sound Design by Oskar Uhrskov Mikkelsen