LIU 11750
Sensetime Chinese Facial Recognition Software

Sensetime, together with Megvii, CloudWalk and Yitu, are the AI facial recognition softwares China has finalized and put into use in the last few years. LIU 11750 is an urban print installation which through digital-visual elements resembles the enormous flow of data the chinese government facial recognition systems collect and employ to maintain its state-of-control.
The print is not installed in China where it supposedly should be, but rather, it's located in Mexico city. The reason of its decontextualization is to communicate the issue to a Mexico City suburbs audience who, even though almost completely unaware of the facial recognition topic, are subject to an older yet equally suffocating state-of-control: mexican organised crime and cartels.
Mexico City - 2019
500cm x 450cm, digital print on tarpaulin installed on wall